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Saturday, 04 April 2009


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Heather A.

Hi: I've used Option 2 to fix the difficulties I was having in IE7 and Visio 2003 ("losing" the Web links after allowing the scripts/ActiveX) - thanks so much. However I still want to use the Go To page/Search features (which show up in the left pane after the edits but are "empty"). Is there a way to edit the main_2.htm file to allow this?

John Goldsmith

Hello Heather,

The issue in this post really only effects IE8, so you shouldn't have a problem with IE7.

Regarding you question, I'm not clear on the problem. Are you saying that you've edited the (html) page and now you're not seeing the Go To Page and Search features at all? Can you see the Pan and Zoom widget?

A couple of other questions:

1) What are you primary and secondary output formats (eg VML and GIF)?

2) What are you using to edit the html?

Best regards



Thanks for your post - This has helped resolve the error I was having (I used option 2). My Visio Document was saved in 2003, but the tip still works!


Hi John,

Firstly, congrats on a great blog - this is my first post though I've learned a lot about Visio from it already.

My question relates to the "Save As Web Page" functionality. I've got a simple diagram linked to a database and when I save it as HTML, I would normally expect to be able to Ctrl-Click and see the object properties as well as search.

However, though this worked for me a while back on Visio 2003, I recently upgrade to Visio 2010 (as well as IE8 which is as likely to be part of the issue) and I can't get any interaction with the web page now (as though the JavaScript isn't working). If I publish this to a shared drive other colleagues, also using IE8, can use it fine.

I've read a number of similar blog and forum entries suggesting things like bad IE security patches (ActiveX kill bits) and IE security settings, but can't seem to get to the bottom of it.

Any ideas would be much appreciated...


Martin Neuhard

Is there a way to completely disable the hover in a visio web part viewer? I actually don't want the control click to be enabled at all. I haven't seen anything that allows me to turn this off while keeping the shape selection abilities active.

Thank you,

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